5 Virtual Field Trips

Hello Everyone! The last time we spoke the world was definitely in a different place. We were able to gather with friends and family, go to the malls, parks and events. Have our weddings and concerts, but now with the Covid-19 outbreak we have been stripped or our normal lives. One of those things was work and school. Now if your like me (which you probably are) you have been in self containment or quarantined for the past month and honestly things don’t look like they are changing soon. Now mommies and daddies this means that our precious babies are not at school we are home schooling. Teachers are doing their best to send work home but the kids get stir crazy and bored just like us.

One thing that I found on YouTube was Virtual Field Trips! My kids really enjoy it and it is a lot of fun to learn new things about the world together. I have them watch two virtual trips a day Monday through Friday. Yesterday was fun because we traveled to Paris, The city of Lights. Jaelon really loved it and even asked if I could take him one day soon! I shared my personal memories of Paris from the time I lived there as a child. He was bright eyed and excited.

The next trip we took was to the Amazon Forest! That was so informative. we learn about all the birds, mammals and insects that live there. Did you know that there are over 600 mammals that live in the Amazon! my son was amazed when he learned about spider monkeys! He was scared of the tarantulas though, especially when he found out that they can grow as big as a dinner plate.

Today were gonna go visit a dinosaur museum and then take a trip to Barcelona! You should take your babies on a virtual field trip as well. I hope you enjoyed this post! comment down below and let me know other ideas your doing with your kids during this time.

xoxo, Brianna

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