Care For the V

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am really excited about this new product I purchased and I had to share it with you, so its surprise bonus blog! Ladies we know how important it is that we take care of girl down south and how just about anything can through her whole PH balance off.

Now before we get started I want to first say that this is NOT AN AD! I am writing under my own free will and not getting paid any money for this.

I just love to share the products I use and the experiences I’ve gone through. This past year has rough on my lady parts and body in general. I was in a short term relationship and while being in that relationship I decided to get on birth control. I chose to get the Depo shot which worked well for me for a month and then I started having mood swings and I was spotting all the time. After 3 months I got off of it and the worst happened. I got my first real period and it was on for a month, LITERALLY!, a month!!!!!!

Lets not forget that while my period was on I began to this horrible itching sensation, and by the time my period went off this horrible order kicked in. It was messing my whole life and I was miserable. I had a conversation with my mom and she said I need to go see a doctor. I did. I had a Bacterial Vaginosis. I started to look at what I was eating, and using on my body. Over the past few months, I stopped taking my vitamins, got on birth control and stopped drinking water and eating my yogurt.

I got back on my health journey. I started drinking my water, I got back on my Women Vitamins, got off and staying off birth control, I started eating better and I changed my feminine wash.

I am now 100 percent on THE HONEY POT Feminine products. I bought the Sensitive wash and it fells so good. Its light to the touch and all of their products are plant based and 99% natural. Its light foam, not heavy at all, no scent, not creamy or oily or anything. I’ve been using it for a week and I love it. My Vag health isn’t back 100% but its definitely back on track thanks to all the changes I am making.

I hope you guys love this blog post and please share your health tips about you Vag or just in general down below!



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