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    Coping With Anxiety

    Hi everyone! I hope your week is going great! it is thanksgiving! the last few weeks have not been bad per say but I have been feeling a little down. Normally when I get like this get completely lazy. I don’t want to do anything but sleep all day, lay in the bed and eat. When I get like this I know that I’m emotionally and/or physical drained. when this feeling comes to me nothing gets accomplished in my life so I Have to force myself to get up and get motivated. I have two Meditation apps on my phone: Chakra Meditation Liberate I love both of these so much.…

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    Care For the V

    Hello and welcome to my blog! I am really excited about this new product I purchased and I had to share it with you, so its surprise bonus blog! Ladies we know how important it is that we take care of girl down south and how just about anything can through her whole PH balance off. Now before we get started I want to first say that this is NOT AN AD! I am writing under my own free will and not getting paid any money for this. I just love to share the products I use and the experiences I’ve gone through. This past year has rough on my…

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    Sleepless Nights

    Today I’m share my nighttime struggles. I am sleep deprived….its exhausted because I’m tired but once I get into bed my races a mile a minute. Its been like this for almost three years now. Now honestly part of the reason I cant sleep is because I need a new mattress. Mine is incredibly old and has been used for years now so I’m looking for a new mattress soon. I haven’t quite figured out why I cant naturally fall asleep BUT I have created a nighttime routine to get me sleep at night and at a proper time. After putting my babies to bed, finish cleaning up the front…

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    Breakfast Joy

    Eating Breakfast, the food that is not the time of day, is one of my favorites foods to eat but lets face it…..I am far from a morning person. I absolutely hate waking up in the morning…I’d rather sleep in honestly. With my schedule especially who has the time for breakfast? My schedule runs like this: At 5.a.m I wake up shower and get lunches packed and the kids breakfast out (which is normally cereal and milk) Than by 5:15 if time doesn’t move so fast I jump in the shower and get myself dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and by then Its 5:30 and I gotta get…

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    So being that my blog is a personal blog I thought I would take this intimacy thing just a little bit further by sharing some of my most private thoughts and stories about myself.ย  lets start off with how I didn’t always love my complexion. This is something I didn’t let be known, instead I kept it to myself. growing up all the boys that I liked always went for the lighter skinned girls or the white girls. That’s just how it was. Thank God I an amazing grandmother who always told me how beautiful I was and taught me self love. Yea, Grandma Guice was dope, she always uplifted…

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    Skin care routine

    [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn7buDAN2-k[/embedyt]     TURN UP for my first blog video! I did this video because I wanted to be a little more personal with everyone, give you a chance to see my personality. I hope you all really enjoyed it. Below is a list of all the products I used. If you like it comment below and tell me more video’s you would like me to do in the future! Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask by Freeman Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanserย  Ambi Complexion Bar xoxo, Brianna  

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    stay cute, be healthy

    Hello Everyone! So I always get asked about my skincare regimen and I touched up a bit on it in my “A’s and Q’s” Post a few weeks ago but I thought I would go a little more in depth and share other products I have been using. When it comes to my face to don’t do a lot, I honestly don’t wash my face with anything except AMBI complexion cleansing bar at night and in the mornings I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. I use Cocoa Butter Lotion on my face daily and about two or three times a month I use the Freeman Purifying Clay Mask which…

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    Creative Vice…..Get You One!!!!!

    I’m so glad I have a creative vice to express myself and let off some steam. Not everyone one has one but everyone should get one. Finding something you enjoy and doing it as a hobby is a good way to practice that specific talent without any pressure. Take my blog for instance, I love to write so this blog allows me to practice that craft while being creative and practicing my writing skills to get better! Another reason why having a creative vice is important is because it can also be used as a source of therapy. You can use your vice as a way to release tension, stress…