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    Breakfast Joy

    Eating Breakfast, the food that is not the time of day, is one of my favorites foods to eat but lets face it…..I am far from a morning person. I absolutely hate waking up in the morning…I’d rather sleep in honestly. With my schedule especially who has the time for breakfast? My schedule runs like this: At 5.a.m I wake up shower and get lunches packed and the kids breakfast out (which is normally cereal and milk) Than by 5:15 if time doesn’t move so fast I jump in the shower and get myself dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and by then Its 5:30 and I gotta get…

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    So being that my blog is a personal blog I thought I would take this intimacy thing just a little bit further by sharing some of my most private thoughts and stories about myself.  lets start off with how I didn’t always love my complexion. This is something I didn’t let be known, instead I kept it to myself. growing up all the boys that I liked always went for the lighter skinned girls or the white girls. That’s just how it was. Thank God I an amazing grandmother who always told me how beautiful I was and taught me self love. Yea, Grandma Guice was dope, she always uplifted…

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    Skin care routine

        TURN UP for my first blog video! I did this video because I wanted to be a little more personal with everyone, give you a chance to see my personality. I hope you all really enjoyed it. Below is a list of all the products I used. If you like it comment below and tell me more video’s you would like me to do in the future! Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask by Freeman Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser  Ambi Complexion Bar xoxo, Brianna  

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    stay cute, be healthy

    Hello Everyone! So I always get asked about my skincare regimen and I touched up a bit on it in my “A’s and Q’s” Post a few weeks ago but I thought I would go a little more in depth and share other products I have been using. When it comes to my face to don’t do a lot, I honestly don’t wash my face with anything except AMBI complexion cleansing bar at night and in the mornings I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. I use Cocoa Butter Lotion on my face daily and about two or three times a month I use the Freeman Purifying Clay Mask which…

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    Creative Vice…..Get You One!!!!!

    I’m so glad I have a creative vice to express myself and let off some steam. Not everyone one has one but everyone should get one. Finding something you enjoy and doing it as a hobby is a good way to practice that specific talent without any pressure. Take my blog for instance, I love to write so this blog allows me to practice that craft while being creative and practicing my writing skills to get better! Another reason why having a creative vice is important is because it can also be used as a source of therapy. You can use your vice as a way to release tension, stress…