So today’s blog is about me sharing how I deal with being human and a mother. I know it’s a weird thing right ? Being human? Being a mom? Well let’s get into it…….every single day I play this movie in my head over the decisions I have made and how they effect my children. I think about the things I did wrong, the ways I handled certain situations, did I love on them enough? Did I tell them I love them enough?  Did I forget something that they needed or wanted to do? All these thoughts especially came to mind this past weekend when I realized that I forgot about my son’s Fall festival at his school!!!! Yes! I know & I felt so guilty for forgetting and not taking him. On top of that I have been slacking in helping him with his reading and writing and it’s showing. I felt like I had been failing my children, failing as a parent, as a mother. At this point I was just scrolling through Twitter when I saw a video of a mother talking about how she fails at something everyday. If she focuses on work her children take a hit, if she focuses on her children her work takes a hit. No matter what choices we make as mothers we will always fail in one department of our lives. That’s when I came to terms with the cold hard but beautiful truth, I’m winging it, not just motherhood but life as a whole. I will constantly make mistakes because I’m human. I have no clue what the hell im doing and that’s okay. But I know that no matter what I will always make the best decisions I can for my kids every step of the way and pray that my children become amazing people!!

-xoxo Brianna

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