How To: the high’s and lows of affordable school shopping.

It’s that time of year again, The kids are going back to school!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know for a fact I’m so excited. For my household school starts tomorrow and I love my kids school but that not why I’m writing today. I’m here to share with you the highs and lows of school supplies, where to shop, how to save and what to splurge on. Now mind you I HAVE NEVER SPENT MORE THAN $45 ON SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Listen to me I will save you some money.

Backpacks from Blended Designs

So first lets start with the High’s of school shopping ……book bags. So last year I bought Jaelon a $30 from Walmart and it didn’t stand a chance. The bottom of it was destroyed by the end of the school year. So this year I made the decision to go more on the expensive side and buy him a backpack from a black owned company called Blended Designs. They sell backpacks that depict positive images and inspirational phrases for young black children, also the backpacks and lunch boxes are made out of durable materials and I only heard great reviews so I purchased my son the Squad Goals backpack which cost $53 but mommy’s its worth it if they last for a few years.

School Supplies from Dollar General

That was my high now lets talk about the lows. Jaelon’s school supply list included hand sanitizer, paper towels, and Ziploc bags (which are not shown) that all cost less than $3. Here is a full list and prices of all supplies:

(side note: They were all purchased at Dollar General)

Kleenex $.95

Two pairs of headphones $5 each ( no earbuds)

Two 3 pack of glue sticks $1 each

Westcott scissors $1

1 pack of cap erasers $1

2 composition notebooks $1 each

2 solid color folders $.95

2 one subject notebooks $1 each

1 pack of wide rule notebook paper $1

1 pencil case (soft) $1

2 packs of 18 count number two pencils $1.50 a piece

2 packs of 8 count $95 a piece

Pocket dry erase makers 3 pack $1

1 pack of 64 count crayola crayons for $1.50

1 pack of 24 count imagine crayons $.95

1 pack of 10 count Crayola markers for $1

whew… that’s a lot right. There were some extra things I bought for him as well that I will not put on the list but you get the point of it all, and lets not forget that I shopped on Tax Free weekend so the prices were just what they said.

This is how I shop but there are other ways as well like going to supply drives where people donate free backpacks and school supplies from donations, coupons and sales are always happening. just before to research before you buy.

I hope you mamma’s and papa’s enjoyed this post today and I wish you and your babies a wonderful school year!



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