i launched my youtube channel!!!

hello everyone! I bet you’ve been wondering where I have been these past few weeks uh.? Well I have been getting ready to launch my YouTube channel Brianna Guice TV, which I did tonight!!!!!!!!!! That’s right I uploaded my welcome video tonight and I will have my my first actual Vlog up next weekend.

I’m not gonna lie to you guys I was very hesitate on doing a YouTube channel. I didn’t know what kind of content to do, how much of my life to share and even if people would even watch it. I feel so much more comfortable with my blog because I’m “talking” to you but instead “typing” to you which makes it easier to share my life.

I wanted to do a YouTube because I wanted it to be an extension of my blog and a chance for everyone to see me in action. I almost talked myself into doing a podcast instead just to hide behind my own voice but I said Fuck it why not do it! If I want to be a successful Social Media Influencer and business woman I cant be scared to show my face. So I decided to watch all of my favorite YouTubers and their very first videos and they had some humble beginning’s lol!

That’s what really gave me my push. I told myself just like I did with my Blog will do with my Channel, Imma wing it until I find i niche and an amazing following. So here I am, Winging it!!

I hope you guys go visit my YouTube Brianna Guice TV and I hope you enjoyed it!



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