Letter From Founder

Hi everyone! I want to first say thank you to those that understand why I took my short hiatus. I needed that break for some rejuvenation. It was well worth it so now I am able to catch you all up on whats happened during my break. The most important reason why I went on my break was because of school. Well you will all be happy to know that I got an A in my Story and Concept class.

All of us are dealing with the effects of Covid-19. Whether its financial, health, family whatever it is taking a toll on us all. I know my mental health is up and down but we are in this together. While taking a break I picked a few new habits like yoga to help me through but I still have my days. I encourage you to call and check on friends, it is good for your mental as well as theirs.

With all that being said, thank you again for your loyalty and support and keep visiting as we post new content every week. Also keep visiting my blog IG ( @mytinynook.co) regularly and tell your friends to subscribe!

as always love and peace.

xoxo, Brianna