Letter To My Younger Self

A letter to self. Have you ever felt the need to speak to your younger self. To give your younger self reassurance. To you know that everything will be ok. That’s what this post is all about. I’m giving myself to opportunity to speak to myself and hopefully encourage you to do the same.

Growing up as a kid I was shy and quiet. I keep to myself and has I got older I began opening up more. As I child I didn’t think I was as pretty as the lighter skinned girls or the mixed/ other ethnicity girls at my school. My hair wasn’t long and struggled just a bit with that but gladly I’m completely over that. I have evolved in this confident woman with a love of thyself that is unmatched. I’ve been through a lot emotionally, physically, emotionally and psychologically and made it out still standing and proud of that. So here is my letter to my younger self.

To 13 year old Brianna, you are beautiful, you will see that soon enough, but don’t think your beautiful because guys try to get with you, no ma’am you are beautiful because that’s they way God made you, from your smile to your heart and soul you are gorgeous and never let anyone take that away from.

To 18 year old Brianna. By now you would have gone through things you would have never thought possible. You’ve been in love, hurt and heartbroken. It’s okk you’ll get through it all. Your strong and powerful and untouchable. Stay focused on your dreams for you will achieve them. Never quit, never let your faith fade trust me God will never leave you nor forsake you. I promise.

To Brianna in her 20’s  lol Girl!!!! Your showed up and out!

You got pregnant, Twice and have two GORGEOUS BABIES! I know this isn’t the way you planned but it’s the way it is. You will forgive yourself I promise. It’s not your fault that those men left you alone, it’s their fault for not loving you or those babies enough to stay.

You tried your best to love Micheal with your all and it was enough, he just wasn’t the right man you. You will accept this I promise. It will take you a while but you will and along that journey your daughter has come but she is your eye opener. She will help you realize how much healing you will need to do before trying love again and that’s ok. Your babygirl will give you strength you didn’t know you had. You will love yourself more and in letting go of your love for Michael, cutting Reggie out your life and being a mother you will shine. You will love yourself so much that you won’t accept disrespect, lies, pain and negativity from no one. Not your significant other, your mother, father, sisters or brothers. You will know your worth and become that beautiful butterfly.

Those dreams will come to fruition, that book you shall write, that blog you will start, that business you will launch!!! You are so powerful, strong, beautiful and worthy of Love so never stop fighting for what you want and who you are. You got this, there is always a light at the end of that tunnel just keep on holding Gods hands and he will guide you through.

Remember it’s okk to cry, to scream, to shout and even curse. Get it all out, just remember no one is grand enough to change you frequencies, we only accept positive vibes here.

Live your best life and pray.

Love you forever my beautiful girl!

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