Maintaining Self

Hello! I hope your week is going well.  This weeks blog is about self preservation, self love and maintaining your happiness. It may sound a bit SELFISH to talk about this topic but trust me when I say its the most important thing to do for yourself. I say this because If you are not happy, fulfilled, feeling good and looking good and what good are you to anyone else. 

Number one for me is the fact that I allow people to get under my skin and really piss me off! This actually happened to me today where I woke up happy I even watched Fifty Shades Freed (which was good!), but the drama started unnecessarily so then my whole morning was ruined. This is not good. It messed with my attitude for the day and my positive energy changed into negative. No one should have that kind of control over your vibes. NO ONE!

I am learning to ignore people and their antics and to “woosah” when need be ( I’m not perfect which is why I’m still learning).  Anger Management and temper control is a very amazing thing and I really suggest using. Another thing I do for my self is to focus on my growth. I read a lot of books, I pray, read devotionals, Traveling when I can and even looking for some type of inspirational podcast to listen to. I also LOVE to get messages from all of my readers saying the most amazing positive things, that helps me to keep going! I remind myself everyday of how amazing I am and when people call themselves throwing hate my way I just simply ignore them because negativity is not allowed in my life. As of recently focusing on my goals as also help boost my confidence level. Staying busy can be tiring but its productive and good for my spirit.

Other activities I’m looking into are things like Yoga, Meditation and I’m looking for a church home as well. My being single is something I actually love at this point in my life because I’m taking time to get to know myself again and its fun and beautiful. All in all maintaining my self is my sole focus because if I don’t take care of myself than all my negative energy will trickle down on my kids and that is something I cant have. A happy mommy means happy babies. 

I hope you all enjoyed the read! stay happy and at peace.

until next time!

xoxo, Brianna

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