My Morning Routine

Hey! I hope all is well with everyone. I know i’m beat after the week I’ve had, but as a mother of two I gotta do what I gotta do. My friends always ask me how I get through it and I tell them I have no clue. I really just go with the motions. Then again that’s not completely true. I do have a routine from Monday through Friday to get the morning started. Besides the getting out of bed part, it really isn’t that hectic. So for all you mamma’s out there, i’m hoping I give a little encouragement on how to get through the morning without losing your mind and still get the babies feed, clean, out the door and alive (lol).

5:00am-5:30am : I wake up. I go straight to the kitchen and get breakfast started. I turn everything on low to be sure not to burn anything. I put my coffee on and run and shower…..quickly momma bears… but I shouldn’t have to tell you that. we’re pros at moving fast.

5:30-6am : I check on the food, grab my coffee and go back in my room to get dressed again swiftly. by this time my daughter is awake and using the potty. (potty training is exhausting.)

6am-6:20am : I’m finishing breakfast, getting my daughter dressed and forcing my son out of bed to go bathe and get dressed himself. If time is moving perfectly ( which is hardly every) I start cleaning the kitchen.

6:20am-7am: I’m stuffing food in my mouth, fixing my lunch and the kids snacks and probably yelling at Jaelon to put his shoes on.

7am-7:30am: I’m cleaning up the final touches of my kitchen, checking Jaelon and Journee’s backpacks before grabbing my final cup of coffee and my bags and walking out the door for school and work.

Jaelon has to be to school by 7:45 and I have to be at work by 8:15. I had off Journee to dad and go to work.

Well that is my morning routine, feel free to share yours as well down below in the comments!

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