• Literature


    Having a space to write your most intimate feelings when your not particularly up for sharing them with the world is very important to me. I have so many unspoken thoughts that I’ve never said to people whom I probably should, and I just haven’t found the flow to turn them into poetry. I’ve been feeling really sad and alone lately and I feel like I don’t have someone to express myself to so I started back writing in my journal. I feel like crying sometimes and I haven’t been completely, satisfied with my life, yes I work very hard to keep a straight face and project positivity but it’s…

  • Health+Beauty


    So being that my blog is a personal blog I thought I would take this intimacy thing just a little bit further by sharing some of my most private thoughts and stories about myself.  lets start off with how I didn’t always love my complexion. This is something I didn’t let be known, instead I kept it to myself. growing up all the boys that I liked always went for the lighter skinned girls or the white girls. That’s just how it was. Thank God I an amazing grandmother who always told me how beautiful I was and taught me self love. Yea, Grandma Guice was dope, she always uplifted…

  • Health+Beauty

    Skin care routine

        TURN UP for my first blog video! I did this video because I wanted to be a little more personal with everyone, give you a chance to see my personality. I hope you all really enjoyed it. Below is a list of all the products I used. If you like it comment below and tell me more video’s you would like me to do in the future! Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask by Freeman Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser  Ambi Complexion Bar xoxo, Brianna  

  • Lifestyle

    Online Dating!

    let’s talk about online dating! It’s taboo right? People hear those words put together and nearly have a heart attack, but I personally have done it and I love it! If your anything like me you don’t have time to physically go out and meet people. Between work, kids and everything thing else life throws at you, going out just isn’t in the plans. Dating online is fun, safe and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I get to meet people while I sit on my couch or lay in my bed. I love to read thier profiles and look at thier photos. The swipe…

  • Travel

    San Juan Vacay

    Hello everyone!!! How are you? I’m doing wonderful. If you’ve been on my IG then you know this past weekend I have been to San Juan Puerto Rico!!!! It was so beautiful and amazing and yes, I truly enjoyed myself and my kids did to!   We stayed at the Acacia Boutique Hotel which is located right beside Ocean Park Beach! It was so convenient for us to just wake up in the morning, put on our swim suits and walk to the beach. Our hotel also had a beautiful pool and we swam in there just as much as we did the beach!   We took walks around the local…

  • Travel

    5 Beach Must Haves!

    It’s finally the month of June which means it’s summertiiiime!!!! It’s also means that I am less the a week away from my trip to San Juan, PR! All this means is that I get to share with you the 5 things that I gotta have on a beach trip, so we go…. 1. Sunglasses!: I love these perfectly round Sunglasses. I actually got these last summer at Rue 21 on sale for $10.99. I honestly don’t know if they still have but you can definitely shop around because these babies are still in style! 2. Savage Swim Suit: I got this swimsuit from Fashion Nova! I love it! Is…

  • Motherhood

    Oh Momma!

      So I’m backkkkkkkkkkk! This weekend was Mother’s Day and Also my son’s birthday. Clearly we share the same weekend every year and it’s never about me, it always ends up about him! ( which can be tiring) I don’t know if that’s just me being selfish but I would like to once have the day all about me, never mind the fact that I also share Mother’s Day with my mother and sister. The weekend begins with my son’s birthday festivities I go to his school and take him his birthday cupcakes and the party favors for his classmates and then I head off to work. For the rest…

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    Myself, my wants, my needs, my goals, my spirit. All of this is what my 2018 is all about. Finally focusing on myself and all I hope to accomplish. prior this awakening I was focused everyone and everything else. I was sad and a little depressed because I did not have all that I had hoped I would at a certain point of my life. I gave all I could and stretched myself thin doing for everybody else and making myself the last priority on my own list. I felt myself losing myself. I wasn’t happy anymore. I stopped smiling so much, my mente was just a complete mess.  Dawn…

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    i launched my youtube channel!!!

    hello everyone! I bet you’ve been wondering where I have been these past few weeks uh.? Well I have been getting ready to launch my YouTube channel Brianna Guice TV, which I did tonight!!!!!!!!!! That’s right I uploaded my welcome video tonight and I will have my my first actual Vlog up next weekend. I’m not gonna lie to you guys I was very hesitate on doing a YouTube channel. I didn’t know what kind of content to do, how much of my life to share and even if people would even watch it. I feel so much more comfortable with my blog because I’m “talking” to you but instead…