Whats in my Bag – Day Trip Edition
Tomorrow morning I will be heading out on a short day trip! with that being said here are a few essentials I take with me on short trips.
1. My headphones and chargers. I have two chargers and I always have one available all the time because you never wanna be away from home without it!
2. L.A. Colors Perfect Curve. This mascara is my go to cant leave home without it. and my Eye lash curler. You cant forget that either.
3. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal. This works wonders!
4. Lip Care! NEVER EVER leave home with out it! weather its hot or cold my lips are quick to dry out so i always have my 3 essentials: VIA Natural lip care ( Cocoa butter), Wet Wild mega sticks, and my favorite purple Matte Lipstick by LAC.

Whats in the Bag- Mini Road Trip
Its been awhile since I added to my ‘Whats in the Bag Segment of my blog, its been crazy but I took a small road trip for a football a few weeks ago and I thought I would share the things I bring when I go on a turn around trip!
1. A Book! – The book at the time that I was reading was by Carl Weber and its titled “She Ain’t The One” its a great read and I might do a bonus book club blog on it this month!
2. My headphones – Because I cant go anywhere without them. I have to listen to my playlist!
3. My cellphone – because my playlist is on there….and Instagram.
4. My mini tote – I carry small things like small feminine products, chap stick, lipstick and lip gloss and my vanilla lotion.
5. The tote itself is a tote I got from work for teacher appreciation that I’ve been using honestly everyday since I got it.

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