You missed me?

So I have been missing in action for almost two months now and you’re probably wondering what I’ve been doing! If you’ve paid attention to my Instagram then you probably know that I’ve been working on my clothing brand Tribe of Melanin. Well I’ve finally Launched it and I’m so proud of myself and the products I’ve come up with. It took me almost a year to buy my business license, buy my logo, my merchandise designs, creating my online shop, my business social media accounts and so much more. It’s been so hectic but it’s just the beginning of a long road ahead of being a entrepreneur. 


In my absence I’ve also been focusing on my day job of being a toddler teacher and learning how to be a better teacher and how to take my job to the next level. Ive been thinking about graduate school again which, let me tell you I went to grad school twice and failed so this time I want to be dedicated and make sure I complete my degree and graduate. 

Sooooooooooooo…………..Its October now (Yay!) which means the holiday season has kicked off and I can’t wait!!! First is Halloween which is also my daughters birthday and then comes thanksgiving following Christmas and New Years and I’m excited. I do have other projects, books and ideas I want to start working on but I’m going to slow down the pace of me being so busy this holiday season and focus on family, my blog and my clothing brand until after January 1st. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post! Until next time 

xoxo, Brianna

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