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5 Beach Must Haves!

It’s finally the month of June which means it’s summertiiiime!!!! It’s also means that I am less the a week away from my trip to San Juan, PR! All this means is that I get to share with you the 5 things that I gotta have on a beach trip, so we go….

1. Sunglasses!: I love these perfectly round Sunglasses. I actually got these last summer at Rue 21 on sale for $10.99. I honestly don’t know if they still have but you can definitely shop around because these babies are still in style!

2. Savage Swim Suit: I got this swimsuit from Fashion Nova! I love it! Is cute sexy and a one piece! It covers my stomach and shows off my back just how I like it! I paid $25.00

3. Kodak camera: Say Hello to the Camera!! I can never leave my house without my phone I just can’t but while on vacation sometimes it’s best to leave your phone behind and capture the beauty in an old fashioned way. I purchased this baby at Walmart for only $55. 

4. A good book: so everyone who knows me knows that I love to read and for my beach vacation this will be no different. While my kids are playing in the sand or asleep in our wonderful hotel I will be reading Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni! 

5. Fave Fragrance: no matter where you go you have to smell nice so I’m bringing along my favorite fragrance “Love is Heavenly” by Victoria Secret! I love this mist because it’s light, fresh and smells AHHHMAZING!!! 

Bonus: yes, I had to throw in a bonus! My favorite Red Lip Ultra HD matte Lipstick from Revlon that I got at the Dollar General (Yes, I said Dollar General) for only $1.99. Red is my favorite color and gives me the best pop for my simple make up look. 

Thats all for my Beach must haves! I hope you enjoyed this post today! I’ll see you this weekend in San Juan!!!!

xoxo, Brianna

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