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Breakfast Joy

Eating Breakfast, the food that is not the time of day, is one of my favorites foods to eat but lets face it…..I am far from a morning person. I absolutely hate waking up in the morning…I’d rather sleep in honestly. With my schedule especially who has the time for breakfast? My schedule runs like this:

At 5.a.m I wake up shower and get lunches packed and the kids breakfast out (which is normally cereal and milk) Than by 5:15 if time doesn’t move so fast I jump in the shower and get myself dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and by then Its 5:30 and I gotta get my kids up. I get them dressed ( and yes my 6 year old son takes FOREVER to get it together in the morning. I’ll usually have Journee eating breakfast already while I’m fussing with Jaelon to get ready. I put my coffee on and by the time its finished its already 6 o’clock and we’re rushing out the door!

No breakfast for mommy and for the rest of the day until lunch I’m surviving on coffee (particularly French Vanilla cappuccino). Don’t judge me, I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but after all of that hard work in my morning routine…I’m beat.

I have been thinking of ways to better my morning routine by doing things like fixing lunches at night, pick out clothes and have them laid out in the evening so I don’t have to stress about it in the morning but I don’t have it covered just yet! Its baby steps to this time management journey i’m on.

With all that being said one of my favorite breakfast meals to make are Waffles ( that I made with a waffle maker a friend bought me as gift) two scrambled eggs, bacon with my cup of coffee! lets not forget to add powdered sugar on those waffles and pour syrup all over my bacon *don’t judge me its good*

well, I hope you enjoyed my first blog back after a short while. If you have any breakfast ideas or just want to share your favorite meal leave it the comments! All are welcome!



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