Choosing My Soul

Choosing oneself…….not as easily done as it is said but……you have to do it, Right. Lately over the course of this year that seems to be what i’m doing. I’ve been ridding myself of any toxicity and negative energy. I cut ties with people who mean my spirit no good and I’ve focused on myself and my progress.

Guys this isn’t easy by far, I have been questioning if I am making the right decisions, if i’m right, if what I chose is hurting someone else? I have run these questions in my mind every step of the way but in the end I’m happier and I feel the weight of the world being lifted every time I let something unnecessary from my life. This journey that I’ve begun is truly a blessing. I cant even complain.

Recently I was dating someone for about 3 months and in the beginning it was great……..of course!……but then I started to want to notice things and I would bring it up to him and let him know how i felt. The first time this started it was an argument but we managed to get over that bump because he said he would not do it again. After more time had passed even more issues arose to the point where i just started feeling like he was not the one whom my soul loves and I had to make a choice whether to stay with someone who couldn’t give me what i desired who chose myself. I knew in my soul he wasn’t the one and after going back and forth on it for over a week and talking about with some friends I finally chose me and I let him go. Although it sucks to break someones heart, *it really does suck* It feels good to make room for the one that is right for you, the one who you can love to heaven and back.

I say all that to say this, never go against your gut, always listen to your spirit for it will never let you down.

bye babies…

xoxo, Brianna