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Coffee Diaries

Good Morning! I hope everyone is keeping their mental health intact during these difficult times. I know I’m going stir crazy. one day I’m writing, the next sleeping and after that binge watching my favorite shows. Not to mention I always catch myself scrolling through the gram or commenting to post on Facebook. Isolation can be a lot for most people. I know for me its not even about going out ( even tho I do have plans this coming month and this summer that I’m praying I can still do) but its about being around the people I care about. being able to go to my friends house or taking the kids to the park. My son misses school so much and my daughter misses going to her grandparents house everyday. I think these conversations have to be had either with yourself, with a someone close or with God.

For I mostly have this conversation with myself and God with my morning coffee. I can survive without my morning coffee Even when I wake up late I still need it (lol) its really sad. I get my coffee, go to my bedroom, sit on little love seat with the blinds open and allow the sun to shine in and just allow myself to think and feel.

I wont lie my sense of discipline and lack of time management and obvious procrastination ALWAYS gets in my way of a true schedule in everything I do, but I know notice when I take time out of my day for self, God and really enjoy my coffee with him I feel better. Coffee calm me down and allows me to sit in the moment if only for a little while. So whether you drink coffee or tea or whatever your morning routine is do it with a sense of self and a higher being. Enjoy your coffee diary you deserve it! Stay safe, stay healthy and remember We’re all in this together!

sending positive vibes to you!

xoxo, Brianna