Everyday Gratefulness

Hello everyone! It’s May and this month I want to focus on body and soul. With this month’s first post I’m going to start with the soul. Just to brag on my God Yahweh right quick, because he is always blessing me and lately it feels as though he is doing so much more abundantly. Things I have prayed for, for years are manifesting, opportunities are coming knocking on my door and I am forever grateful.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have awful days like today was just a mess but remembering how much Yahweh has blessed me is always keep my6 bad attitude in check. One of the many things I do is when my day is hectic or I’m frustrated, I stop and take a look around. I meditate on all he things I do have, even the small things like finding my wallet to big things like not having a car note. I remind my self everyday of all the things I have and how no matter how bad I think I’m doing, someone out there wish they were in the position I have.

I have also picked up a new habit. I purchased a Gratitude Journal: Day & Night Reflection Journal. It is a 90 day journal in which you write a morning meditation entry and then an evening reflection entry. the morning meditation entry allows you to speak over yourself in a positive way and write out things your excited over. The evening reflection entry is for you to, of course, reflect on good things that happened that day, your mood throughout and a positive thought to carry with you as you sleep. It’s such a powerful mindfulness habit that I’m glad I have created. I love my journal so much that I even purchased my babies one!

How do you remain grateful throughout your day?

xoxo, Brianna

Lifestyle Blogger and writer