Life + Style


Myself, my wants, my needs, my goals, my spirit. All of this is what my 2018 is all about. Finally focusing on myself and all I hope to accomplish. prior this awakening I was focused everyone and everything else. I was sad and a little depressed because I did not have all that I had hoped I would at a certain point of my life. I gave all I could and stretched myself thin doing for everybody else and making myself the last priority on my own list. I felt myself losing myself. I wasn’t happy anymore. I stopped smiling so much, my mente was just a complete mess. 

Dawn of 2017 I made the first promise to myself. I swore I would take at least one vacation a year, I’m doing that. Next promise, self publish my book. Done, did that now I’m in the works to republish my poetry with a few new poems in the making to add on. This year, in wonderful 2018 I promised myself that I would focus on relaunching my blog *check*, Launch my YouTube channel *check* and Launch my Clothing Brand *in progress*.

On a more personal side I decided to focus on my self care. So I’m more in tune with what energies I allow in my presence. I’m with who I allow to piss me off and change my mood, those people are not worth it. I Praise every morning with in my care because when praises go up blessings come down, AND most importantly The Most High God is so deserving of our praises. I am the point where I try so hard everyday to not get to upset and keep a smile on my face.

I am also dedicating my life to God in a way that I never took as seriously as I am now. I am practicing celibacy. Now granted I honestly don’t how long I plan on practicing (until marriage , engagement, committed relationship) I don’t know yet but I am seriously doing for God and also because once I get my single train I want to find the man deserving of me and all I have to bring. I’m focusing on my and all that I am and want. 

xoxo Brianna