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Hi everyone! hope everyone is recovering from the last few weeks trauma. Today’s blog post I want to get on minds on something I less traumatic and maybe help others change their lifestyle. Since January I have been talking about being a pescatarian, but I soon realized that it was something I just could not do. I love my beef and chicken and I didn’t truly want to let my favorite food go, so I started to research healthier types/forms of meat that I could begin to eat that was still healthy for me. I spoke a friend who told me about Grass fed beef and organic chicken. So went to grocery store and purchased all grass fed beef and organic chicken. I then gave all the food I had in my freezer to my parents.

Now don’t get me wrong eating a healthier diet is way more expensive but its worth it. I only purchase organic fresh fruits and some vegetables ( I still have canned vegetables that my kids eat.) Last week I made tacos with one pack of grass fed ground beef and yes it still tastes good.

Today for dinner I made fried chicken that I cooked with organic flour from whole foods, rather than regular whole flour, and fried it in olive oil instead of the regular vegetable oil. I seasoned my chicken in paprika. After wards I sprinkle some cilantro after I finished cooking and it was delicious! I also made cornbread in my muffin pan and green beans that my children loved!

I say this as an option to all my meat eaters who refuse to give up meat! go grass fed and organic its healthier for your body and for the animals we eat. When cows are grass fed it means that they are only fed their mothers milk and grass ( look for 100% grass fed please) they are not pesticides or hormones which is a beautiful thing. I’m hoping I can do a grocery shopping Blog soon so you can see what and where I shop!

Hope you enjoyed this blog! Tell me below what healthy eating habits you live by and share any advice you may have for my healthy eating journey.

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