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How To: Christmas Shop for your babies on a Budget

It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! and anybody who truly knows me knows that this is my favorite time of year. I’m the Queen of Christmas if you ask me. Now as much as I love this season, I also know that a lot of us are shopping on a budget. Money is a little tight ESPECIALLY coming off of the year we just had, the struggle is still real. As a single mother I understand the “balling on a budget” concept. Once I had my daughter, Journee, I had to reevaluate how I shopped for my kids gifts during the season.

My concept might you ask?!…….I looked on Pinterest and found this amazing idea of getting the children everything they want and need without breaking the bank. It’s the 5 gifts from mama, one bag from Santa and stocking stuffers. The gifts from momma are simple:

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to read
  4. Something to wear
  5. Not thing I would really love

This concept helps me make sure they get a little of everything, stay on budget AND the tree looks so full. I mostly get this gifts from AMAZON (check out my Christmas gift list here).For their Stocking stuffers I usually fill it up with their favorite candies. Another Idea I do is Santa’s bag of gifts. A friend of mine made these amazing Santa Sacks (which I will post on my IG) and the kids love them. When it’s comes to gifts from Santa I shop at the Dollar General mostly (because my kids are still young) and Hobby Lobby. This year my kids is into arts and crafts and gaming so I’m looking for art supplies and science/coding activities.

I hope this helps you momma’s and poppa’s shop for your little ones this holiday season. Comment below and share some of your holiday shopping ideas.

xoxo, Brianna