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i booked my trip to San Juan PR!!!

I finally did! I booked my very first, by myself for my kids and myself to San Juan Puerto Rico! Some people might not see this as any type of accomplishment but I’m telling you it is for. I have always wanted to travel for the longest time and I would ask my family and my friends to come with me but it would never actually happen. I would end forgetting about it or getting discouraged because no one would come with me, I don’t have the money, I have kids I cant travel but all those excuses and lies I was telling myself just took me away from what I really wanted in life.

As I said in my last blog post I made a promise to myself to go one place I’ve never been once a year. last year, Miami, This year Puerto Rico.  How did i book my trip you ask? 

well first I started shopping airlines and their prices. Now I’m on a budget so I already knew that the cheapest airline was Spirit. Now my 1 year old daughter can fly free so I just needed tickets for my son and myself. I could get round-trip tickets the both of us for only $545. I was ecstatic! but then something said ask around so i made a post on Facebook and asked my friends and apparently  Spirit Airlines are the worst. I was recommended Jetblue airlines and Southwestern. I started looking and though Southwestern was good Jetblue was in my budget and had amazing customer service.

Next I started looking for an affordable hotel. I carried myself over to and began the search. I new I didn’t want to spend more than $5oo because its just me and the two kiddos right! so I actually came across this AMAZING deal, The Hotel I booked is Acacia Boutique Hotel for ONLY $88 a night!!!!!!!!! 


so all the together I spent a little under $1000 for my flights and hotels. 

Now Our Little Family Vacation isn’t until June but don’t panic when the trip comes I will Blog and YouTube like crazy!

sending Love and Positive Vibes.

xoxo, Brianna