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I bought somethings & learned somethings

Its July 3rd! This months first blog is about this healthy eating journey I’m trying to be on. So I have began to only eat grass feed and organic food. I shop mostly at Whole Foods now ( although its really expensive) . As you can tell I purchased organic bananas and apples and other fruits. I even tried this coconut almond chocolate Gelato for my kids and they enjoyed it.

I have not been able to rid myself of bacon so I got lucky and found organic bacon at wholefoods. I cooked it with eggs and toast. It had a weird after taste but I guess that is something I will have to get used to if i’m gonna succeed in this grass fed, organic diet. Another thing I learned was that organic food gets old QUICK! I purchased organic strawberries and not even a full 5 days they were molding. So a friend told me that I should cut up some strawberries that I will eat immediately and freeze the rest so that I can have them for fruit smoothies.

What I have been enjoying is the grass fed beef. I doesn’t have a big difference in taste which I can appreciate. I love that its healthier for myself and my children. My kids fortunately love fruits and vegetables and haven’t been having a hard time with the changes I have been making.

I love fried foods and not completely ready to let that go so I have found some better ways to cook my fried foods. I now use organic non bleach flour which I love. I also used olive oil to fry foods. Olive oil has less calories. I also do not cook at high temperatures.

A goal I do have is to find healthier snacks for them and myself since we do love to snack throughout the day. I have so far had some pretty good dishes and maybe I’ll share a few recipes with you all once I master them.

What tips and ideas do you have for people becoming more healthy and/or plant-based? Share down in the comments!



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