Hi! Its officially September, and we are gonna start this month off with the topic of manifestation. We have less than four more months in this year and instead of waiting for the new year to create all my resolutions and goals I thought I’d start now. I didn’t come up with this idea alone, I had a good friend (lol, thank you very much!) give me this idea and I decided to run with it.

The power of manifestation is very real. almost six years ago I said out loud that I wanted to be a published author and here I am, a self published author. I wanted to have my own blog and I got it! I wanted certain things and I made the choice to speak it into existence while putting forth the effort to make it come true.

Before I dive into my own personal manifestations lets first find out what it is. The definition of manifestation is to in short “the event, action or object shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.” (thanks google!) So now that we know what it is, lets talk about it.

When I want something to come to fruition the one thing I do is write it down on paper/ or on my phone in the notes section ( bad habit). When you write something down it becomes real, you see it everyday, you can feel the words on your paper and it becomes something you think about everyday. I know for me when I decided to start blog I had no idea what I wanted it to be about, how I wanted it to look, what I wanted to share or talk about. I was a lost little bunny with no clue what I was doing but I went for it anyway.

My first blog was a mess! I started it on Tumblr and I used my name instead of being creative and coming up with something else. After a year I decided that I wanted to be serious with this blogging life so I sat down I wrote out different topics I wanted to write about in order to have a more Lifestyle niche of a blog. I purchased a WordPress blog from Godaddy and ran with it. I loved the design and how it looked and everything. I even did a professional photo shoot for it, but after a year I still felt like I was missing something. I decided to sit down (yet again) and brainstorm Blog names that fit the type of blog I was writing. I wanted it to be something that fit me, my personality and the topics that I loved to write about. I came up with some ideas , researched them and checked to see if they were already in use and that’s when I came up with My Tiny Nook. I loved it!!!!!!! It was absolutely perfect!

Three years later I have the blog that I’ve always wanted and all it took was for me to sit down and write out what I wanted. Manifestation. It worked for me because I believed it, I spoke it, I wrote it and I worked on it. Now my plans are to build an amazing following on my blog so that I can live my life entirely off my blog but that is a manifestation for another day. I hope this encourages you to manifest your dreams and make them a reality.

much love, thank you for stopping by my tiny nook. Until next time.



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