Mommy’s Budget Shopping

This past weekend I decided to go shopping for my kids because my daughter is out growing everything and my son is getting taller by the day not to mention his normal wear and tear on all his school clothes. Now being honest I really don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes right now but as you will soon find out I am the budget queen. I will always figure out a way to have what I need and a little but if what I want. 

So let me tell you about a little secret……….Consignment shops!!!! They are everywhere all you have to do is look! Here in Huntsville Alabama my favorite second hand shop is Once Upon A Child. They have everything for kids between the ages of newborn and maybe 12 years old. 



While there a picked up a lot of good finds. Below is a list of items i purchased:


for Jaelon I bought him two pairs of  Children’s Place Jeans for $8.50 a piece.

Not Pictured:

I also got him some BCG shoes for $4.50 and two Urban pipieline Shirts for $5.50 a piece. 


For Journee I bought her a Pistachio Coat for only $8.50 

Not Pictured:

I got her a gorgeous TuTu for only $2.50.

Kali Boots for $4.50 and two pairs of child of mine leggings for $2.50.

all in all I did good and spent under $70 dollars for everything. Please comment below and let me know how you like this and if you would like more post like this. 




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