Oh Momma!


So I’m backkkkkkkkkkk! This weekend was Mother’s Day and Also my son’s birthday. Clearly we share the same weekend every year and it’s never about me, it always ends up about him! ( which can be tiring) I don’t know if that’s just me being selfish but I would like to once have the day all about me, never mind the fact that I also share Mother’s Day with my mother and sister.

The weekend begins with my son’s birthday festivities I go to his school and take him his birthday cupcakes and the party favors for his classmates and then I head off to work. For the rest of the day I stress about a party I have been planning for the last 3 weeks prior! * no clue why I do myself like that.* I make sure he has the theme he wants (this year was Black Panther) the gifts and cake. This year was frustrating because my son wanted a Black Panther cake but because the movie just came out they said they didn’t have a contract with marvel yet so I couldn’t get them, Walmart and Publix, to make his cake. I called a couple of mom and pop bakeries but they charged wayyyyyy to much. I wasn’t about to pay that much for a birthday cake!

My son ended up having an all black cake with his name and age and no BP anywhere in site. I was completely irritated. I had his party at Southern Adventures. It’s a cool place with bumper cars, arcades and go karts! My son loved it! The next day was Mother’s Day. We went to church and afterwards we went to Applebee’s with the gift cards I got from Teacher Appreciation week. *Im a toddler teacher*. When dinner was done we came home and I tried to take a nap, but my kids wouldn’t let me. They were hungry, or fussy *my daughter*, wanting to play outside, watching TV and everything else. I eventually gave up and went to Walmart to get my son’s lunch for the week. I came home and had them eat, bathed and ready for bed. When I finally got them to sleep I sat ther tired because I NEVER have time for myself and it was MY DAY!!

I just wanted one day to completely relax but then I came to realize that being a mother means you are always needed, at the same time we mommy’s do require at least ten minutes of solitude, and that’s ok. See if we don’t have a peace of mind then how will we raise our babies properly? You can’t because you’ll be to tired, stressed and annoyed to love on your children.

So mommy’s if your reading this just know It’s ok to sit alone for 10-15 minutes, have that glass of wine, go out for a few hours with your girls, read that book because self care will help you care for them babies!!

xoxo, Brianna