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Online Dating!

let’s talk about online dating! It’s taboo right? People hear those words put together and nearly have a heart attack, but I personally have done it and I love it! If your anything like me you don’t have time to physically go out and meet people. Between work, kids and everything thing else life throws at you, going out just isn’t in the plans.

Dating online is fun, safe and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I get to meet people while I sit on my couch or lay in my bed. I love to read thier profiles and look at thier photos. The swipe left or right life is what I’m all about!  Online dating is safe for me because I can screen these guys before I even message them, And when we begin to inbox, based on the conversation I can figure out whether or not they are good enough to even give my number to.

I do want to say that yes girls there are great guys on these dating sites if you know how to vet them, and also depending on what city you live. Yes, the city you live in can determine a lot. For me personally using The site POF in Dallas and Huntsville as treated me well, I’m actually dating a guy who could be the one ( but we’ll see about that) POF in Georgia was the worst!!!! The guys there were jobless and disrespectful. I dated this one guy where I literally paid for EVERYTHING and he had the audacity to TRY and tell me that it was a requirement that I treated him as if he was some kind of King or god. TUH! boy bye!!! 

But ladies don’t trip, don’t worry, if finding love is really important to you than you stick to your guns and go for what you want. It’s okk to kiss a few frogs in order to get your prince. I have plenty of good experiences and bad while doing this so I’m here to share a few tips: 

1. Never DM or respond to a DM that you feel iffy about. Your gut never lies ladies. Listen to it!

2. Never give your number out unless you feel comfortable. I’ve made the mistake of giving my number out to a guy I wasn’t sure about. Turns out he was bit clingy, annoying and stalkerish. 

3. READ HIS PROFILE!! If he doesn’t have straight to the point answers then he is lying or he doesn’t have it. For instance if he says I rather not say when asked if he has a car ladies he doesn’t have a car. The same goes for a job, he either doesn’t have one or does something illegal. 

4. If you do go to meet someone go in a public place where there will be a lot of people and always let your loved ones know where your going and who your with. Better safe than sorry. 

5. If he reads your profile it’s usually a good sign. It means he’s interested in you and not just your body. 

6. If he immediately jumps into the sex talk end the conversation. He just was to smash ladies keep it pushing. He’s a waste of time. 

7. Have fun and keep trying, just because he’s a good guy doesn’t mean he is the one for you and that’s okk! You got a great date out of it and maybe a friendship! 

I hope you enjoyed this Post!!!! If you have any other comments or questions leave a comment below!!

xoxo, Brianna

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