Overcoming Writers Block

So today were gonna talk about my issue of writers block. I am writing the second volume of my Therapeutic Diaries collection. This volume will be called Lucid and I began writing it but then I just got stuck. no inspiration at all. In the past when I would get writers block I would walk away from my writing project telling myself that my inspiration would come back.

That was a lie.

I would end up going months without writing and then look up and see that my deadline to complete my project has passed. ugh! I would be so disappointed with myself and frustrated because I still don’t have a clue what to write or where my story was going or what kind of poem to write. I would go and read other authors work and try to write like them but that wasn’t helping either. I had to learn to find my own voice, find my own rhythm, create my creative pattern and schedule and only then will I have success writing and defeating writers block.

So these are the top FIVE things I do to help me recover from writers block and get me back to my inspiration.

  1. I created a writing playlist. Its easy to make on your Apple music ( which I love) The music I choose help to dive into my emotions and to create the poetry and characters I need for my stories. It helps me to control the flow of my thoughts.
  2. I normally write at night so I don’t have to many distractions.
  3. I write down writing notes ahead of time so I know what I’m writing about.
  4. whenever I get truly stuck I journal, or even do a writing prompt.
  5. read……its always a good idea.

Well those are the things I do to get out of my funk and back to writing. I hope you enjoyed today’s read! I hope you have blessed day.



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