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San Juan Vacay

Hello everyone!!! How are you? I’m doing wonderful. If you’ve been on my IG then you know this past weekend I have been to San Juan Puerto Rico!!!! It was so beautiful and amazing and yes, I truly enjoyed myself and my kids did to! 

 We stayed at the Acacia Boutique Hotel which is located right beside Ocean Park Beach! It was so convenient for us to just wake up in the morning, put on our swim suits and walk to the beach. Our hotel also had a beautiful pool and we swam in there just as much as we did the beach!


We took walks around the local neighborhood and ate at the local shops. We even visited the La Placita which is a local food festival. My kids had a blast there eating all the Spanish inspired foods. 


We walked down Old San Juan, we visited the museums, and listened to great Hispanic music. Also we were at a really dope restaurant called Bebo’s Cafe. We took Uber a lot because the taxi’s cost full arms and legs.

Because we were balling on a budget I kept my spending habits down. We only ate at two fancy restaurants, everything was fast food (and I’m not ashamed about it).

my kids were obsessed with the beach so we stayed there ALOT! At night we’d all cuddle up in the bed and watch Sex In The City (because that was the only English speaking show) and watch that till we fell aseep.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!

Leave your comments down below!!!!

xoxo, Brianna

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