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South Carolina

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week. Living in these uncertain times can cause children especially to be stir crazy. We live in a two bedroom apartment and there happens to be no playground area. You can imagine how crazy the kids get when they can go outside to play. we take walks sometime but its nothing like running free and playing with other kids as well. So I called my cousin and we agreed that I would come down to visit her in South Carolina so the kids can have each for a little while.

all the kiddos playing in the kiddy pool.

During this road trip I wanted to stop at every state line to take photos but I ended up not doing that. We did enjoy seeing the Tennessee river and the mountains. My kids also love stopping at gas stations, because I’m a little bougie and only stop at big, nice and clean gas stations when i’m on the road.

It took 6 hours for us to make it South Carolina. Once we made it, we changed clothes and went to visit some of my aunts and my uncle. They really enjoyed seeing the kids.

me and my cousin Jennifer

That Saturday we let the kids go swimming in the back yard. They really enjoyed it and had lots of fun. We blew bubbles and played with toys in the water. After we got the kids dried up, fed them lunch and got them ice cream. The kids were out like a light after all the that. Overall we had a wonderful time, the kids truly enjoyed himself.

Share your stories about family road trips you have taken or will be taking soon.

xoxo, Brianna

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