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The Importance of Dating yourself before getting into a new relationship.

A lot of people who love love and love being in relationships find it completely hard to be single. You miss that affection and companionship that you get when you’re with someone romantically. I have learned in my own singleness that being single is the season to get to know yourself and find out how you truly want to be loved.

In the season of singleness you are meant to heal and discover the most unknown parts of yourself. let’s talk about the healing part. This is what most are afraid of. I’m no way one hundred percent but let me tell ya’ll I fully get why I am the way I am. I get why I love so incredibly hard and why I respond and react the way I do. I got issue’s (lots of them) but I want to use my time alone to understand them so I can learn from them.

One habit I am gaining is called shadow work. It’s when you “get in touch with the parts of yourself that you have repressed.” Now this is a journey I have just begun but it has already forced me to feel things i have hidden from myself. My sins, my shame my own toxicity. Now if you’re a newbie to this like I am you use the 60 Days of Shadow Work Prompt

another thing I have forced to practice is praying and meditating at least three times a week. It is so crucial in my journey. That time alone with myself and the divine is imperative on the spiritual aspect of my growth. I can truly understand how I feel. I am allowed to hear God and what he has for me. It truly is the most exhilarating aspect of my whole process.

I also have been really into putting the ratchet books down and reading books on spirituality, sexuality and love of all fashions. My current read is the Art of Seduction which you be getting a review on later. I love discovering how far spiritually and sexually I am actually capable of going and how I can bring that into my next relationship. it’s so liberating to discover an otherwise suppressed aspect of my being. The most fundamental part of it all is discovering my sexuality without actually having sex. This feminine energy is so powerful and in the words of Londrelle “Feminine energy holds the cosmos together.”

My self discovery in my singleness will allow me to be the best woman I can be for the man that will be deserving of me. This is also reminds of the last most important part of the journey. BOUNDARIES!!!!!! When you are truly single you realize what you are willing to tolerate and where you draw the line. MAN!!!! that is where I really struggled at because these fools will have you out here thinking your to much but sis let me be the first to tell you……HOLD THEM RULES, BOUNDARIES and STANDARDS high!!! the man who deserves will rise to the occasion.

comment below and share what your journey in your singleness is like.

xoxo, Brianna

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