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Sista’s and Brotha’s how yall feelin?! This blog post is more geared towards my people of African decent. Over the last couple of weeks my people have been dealing with the death Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. I personally have been going through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with all this trauma. Protesting, marching, posting and talking about these issues became draining.

I had headaches and my body was hurting from the physical toll I was placing on my body. My legs, head, feet, back just everything. I cried for almost a week straight because I was sad and overwhelmed with everything that was happening. I stopped my spiritual routine and just consumed myself with the movement.

Over the past couple of days I have allowed myself to just be myself and give me time to come out of the sadness I was in. As a culture we are suffering but I think its safe to allow each other to have that moment and to slowly get out of that funk.

I am getting back to eating healthy, drinking my water, writing, praying, meditating and everything else I was doing before hand. If you are going through depression especially during these times see a therapist, write, listen to music, meditate and practice aromatherapy. These are the things that I enjoy doing.

I want to remind my beautiful black people to support each other. Make it an effort to support black own business, buy black please. We need to bring our money back to use to help build our community up to greatness. Get out and vote, write, pray, paint, draw, create, protest, sign petitions, create forums or whatever you want to do to support the movement but please do it.

I love you all black kings and queens. we all we got. If you know of any black own businesses or just want to share how you feel please share them below in the comment section.

love and peace

xoxo, Brianna

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