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Welcome back to my little corner! I hope all is well. I have been taking some time to just enjoy my time alone and spending time with my babies and figuring out what I truly want in life. I am still doing some self healing, self discovery and big time praying to Jesus that my mistakes don’t manifest into something I have to deal with longterm. (lol) y’all know the prayer….”please God if you don’t let this happen I’ll never do it again” lol I gotta get my life together quickly ok.

One thing thatI have had on lock over the past two years is my Yoni health. Thanks to my sister circle and google I have taken a more holistic approach to the care of my vagina. First let my share my story on why I decided to go this route. About almost three years ago I put myself on birth control, Depo shot to be exact. I bleed out almost everyday for almost two months. It was effecting me everyday. I was so uncomfortable and felt like I was having full on cramps the whole time. finally I decided to cancel my next shot appointment. After 2-3 weeks of being off the depot shot and starting more natural products, I began to feel so much better.

One ritual that I love doing is Yoni steaming. The. purpose of this age-old natural practice is to cleanse your vagina and uterus, make period cramps more tolerable, regulate your period and even keep her tight and wet. I steam once a month either before or after my cycle. I love it and my Yoni loves it as well. When it comes to my personal wash I only use Yoni soap for her. Yoni is a natural hand made soap ( you can either make it yourself or buy it) with natural herbs and essential oils specifically for your yoni. I no longer wax but I do shave regularly and use Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub on the outside of girl afterwords to remove any dead skin. I also use Yoni oil 3 times a week as week. The only feminine products I use when i’m on my cycle or from THE HONEY POT ( Black Owned/woman owned) because they are plant based.

These natural products and remedies on top of getting an annual yearly and getting tested for STD’s regularly help me to keep my yoni happy, heathy and functional. I hope my story can help you on your journey to a healthy body and sex life.

Share what products you use below!

xoxo, Brianna

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