Welcome To My Tiny Nook

Who We Are

So you’re a single mommy killing the game or you’re literally just winging it. Or you want to be one of those trendy vegans but you just refuse to give up your Southern Fried Cabbage which happens to have bacon and sausage in it. like myself, you love to shop for yourself and your kids but you’re not rich or discovering yourself spiritually but don’t know all the things or where to even start. Maybe your looking for quick easy meals to make when you have deadlines to complete, homework to get done and baths to complete before 8 o’clock bed time.

My Tiny Nook lifestyle blog is here to share and teach the journey of motherhood, spirituality, wellness, style, home decor and all the chaos in between! Being a mommy and a woman all at once can be crazy but here at My Tiny Nook you can come and relax, chill with a glass of wine and watch me stubble so you can walk! I hope that I can provide some well deserved tips for all of my readers. I hope you enjoy My little corner of the internet!


Your Positive Affirmations 

You are beautiful and passionate. Creativity and boldness flow through your veins and you’re capable and qualified of all that you dream of. Have faith in yourself and in the creator for he never gave you a gift or a storm you were not prepared to have and weather through. Whatever your soul desires, write it out, pray over it and work, because only then will you see it manifest. Spell and speak, for what you place into the universe comes back ten fold. You reap what you sow, with that never plant negative seeds only positive for Yah will bless you with more than you imagined. Yah bless and namaste. 

xoxo, Brianna  





Mission Statement

My Tiny Nook, is the CONTEMPORARY GUIDE to living your best life and being gentle with yourself while you discover what that is! My MISSION is to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and CURATE a fulfilling lifestyle that we all can accomplish.