Founder Letter

I decided to curate MY TINY NOOK because I wanted share my growth as a woman, mother and human. I wanted to create a space where we as mothers could learn and grow together, share ideas with each other and be each others go-to in what can be a difficult world to live in, ESPECIALLY for black women. Showing my growth spiritually and sharing my mistakes is a therapy for me. I wanted to show my lifestyle in its authentic form.

As a single mother, juggling building brands and businesses, being a full time student and keeping a full-time job all while figuring out if I want to date or not can be chaotic. Not to mention trying to have a social life with most of my good friends living in different states. I hope you guys enjoy this journey as I share ideas on food, kids, style, home décor, spiritually, books and so much more! So join me so we can all improve our lifestyle’s together. As always love and peace.

xoxo, Brianna