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It has been awhile since I have written anything but I decided to put my focus on being a mom, my spirituality, dating and future projects I am still working on. The time away has been rewarding to say the least. I let go of the notion of wanting to be an influencer and just focus on being a creative and sharing my art and visuals when and how I choose. I believe that those who will support me will and I don’t need to spend all my days making content, editing and posting when I truly do not have the time or desire to dedicate myself that exclusively to that part of the craft.

I took a long break from writing my novel “Surrender” however I will be getting back to that. I found myself in a bit of a rut while writing and didn’t know where I wanted to take the story. Did I want it to be a standalone or a trilogy? I took notes while pausing and even asked the opinion of those I trust with my novel. Taking the time did do my mind well and now I think I have an idea.

I am in the process of finding a new apartment which I must admit has put a pause if you will on content. I want to get more into interior design and home decor but I wanted to wait to new content once I moved into my new space. I am still looking but I will keep you updated on that process.

Motherhood…..whew! My daughter and I hit a bit of a rough patch in our relationship. Between her health issues, anxiety with needed to be perfect at school and then unleashing at home I had to do something because to be honest my reactions were not always the best. So putting her in therapy and having family sessions, using the tools the therapist gave me are helping us tremendously. We have been in therapy since October and we love it here.

Late last year I declared that I would be more focused on romanticizing my life, living in my soft girl era and just attracting good masculine energy with my good feminine energy and well, after 6 years of unsuccessful casual dating I am finally in a healthy, good, and promising relationship where I get to live in my divine feminine energy. I get to be lead, loved on, supported and taken care of in a way I have not experienced in a long time. I get to give this man all the love and support that he needs as well. Reciprocity, it is such a beautiful word that I don’t think a lot of people truly get. I’m officially in my #LOVERGIRLERA!!! I’m gonna wait a few more months but I think a soft launch may happen soon! (if I feel like it) but I do love it here.

Last but not least I have been doing research for my bookstore venture #PAGESOFBREW! I am still working on getting my surprise up and running I will have it done soon, but I have so much more research I want to finish and studying that I want done before opening up a pop up or brick and mortar.

I have so many creative things I want to show you and share with you. I want to encourage you all that your creative art and lifestyle can be something beautiful that you can share with others as you choose.

That is my quick update lately. I hope you all are doing well. Share with us what have you been up too?

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