How To: Write a Novel

Have you ever wanted to write a novel but had no idea where to start? Well after three years of studying English literature and Creative writing at the Southern New Hampshire University I have come up with the best strategy to begin your novel in a organized way:

  1. Brainstorming: write down thoughts and ideas you have on the plot, storyline and characters or your book.
  2. Character sketches: put together an in depth document of your main characters from name to religion and physical appearances.
  3. World Building: write down the place in which your story will take place. If it is fantasy create the magical place, if it is in a city or town, do research on that city from national parks to local coffee shops and parks.
  4. Chapter Breakdown: Starting from the beginning write down a synopsis of what you what to make happen from chapter to chapter.

I have found that this makes it easy to keep track of you plot and storyline and helps with the writers block as well. What writing tips would you like to share?

xoxo, Brianna

Lifestyle Blogger and writer