Divine Feminine Energy + How to tap into it

Over the past few years I have been deeply discovering my spirituality, sexuality and femininity through healing journey. I realized that all of those things are sacredly intertwined with each other and if done properly and safely it gives you as a woman a sense of freedom.

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

Before I give what I think are important traits to tap into within your femininity I want to first define what Divine feminine energy is. Both divine femininity and divine masculinity are both “polarities that exist in creation” said Andrea Donnelly who is an energy healer, and thus create balance. One can not exist without the other. The are the Yin to the Yang. Andrea say’s they are ” heart and brain, or spirit and earth”. When both are in complete harmony they bring harmony in the physical and spiritual realms.

In my own journey, I dissected my earlier days when I was not hurt or bruised and examined how I moved with myself, my sisterhoods and my romantic relationships. I then looked at my life during and after pain and realized that the first thing I needed to do was begin the healing process so that I could thrive in my femininity. I began my spiritual journey and realized that my spirituality and sexuality lived together and they both, if nurtured properly pour into my femininity. My ability to be feminine comes natural but because I went through pain I moved different and thus lost that part of me for a while. So I ask my ladies to please heal through therapy, shadow work, and meditation.

The 5 traits into femininity:

  1. Be grateful: Always be grateful and thankful. Show appreciation to others and yourself.
  2. Be submissive: Submission does mean that you has a woman don’t have a voice or that man is a dictator. It means that a feminine woman will submit to a healthy man who treats his woman’s advice and counsel and his woman TRUSTS him to make the best decision for her and the family so that she can focus her attention elsewhere.
  3. Openness: Now I’m not saying to not have healthy boundaries because those are important, I’m saying be free-flowing. be intuitive and creative. Express yourself and let others no how you feel. It’s alright to feel your feelings.
  4. adorn yourself: My body is my temple where my femininity is advertised if you will. I love to take care of my body my skin and then decorating her. You will rarely see me without my waist-beads on. These make me feel sensual and womanly. necklaces are also my thing and I try to keep my nails and hair done as much as possible.
  5. HEALING: I can’t say this enough! Heal, love yourself enough to heal. You can’t master and thrive in your feminine energy if you don’t first heal what is broken. healing is not easy, it will be extremely emotional but it is worth it.

I hope this helps my lady’s. Comment below if you would like to share your feminine traits.

xoxo, Brianna

Lifestyle Blogger and writer