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Gentle Parenting: how to do it.

Parenting can be difficult sometimes and other times it can be calm but no matter what parenting is fulfilling and far from easy. As a single mother, I sometimes run out of patience but remembering that I want to create the best childhood for my kids is my main goal. I strive to give my kids space to share their emotions and have that sense of safety with at all times even when I’m mad at them. I don’t want my kids to grow up and need therapy because of how I treated them. Here are a few things I always keep in mind when parenting:

  • ALWAYS APOLOGIZE! : We’re simply human and there is no handbook on how to parent and mistakes will be made. Furthermore I want to teach my children how to be accountable for their own actions. I show them that by always saying sorry when mommy messes up and my making them apologize to each other as well.
  • Walk away: This one is specifically for the parents. When your kids are getting you completely and utterly mad….just walk way and calm down then handle the situation.
  • Never punish when upset: This sort of falls into the last one. When my kids act a complete fool and i’m ready to snap I go cool off beforehand. I never want to punish them out of anger.
  • Talk to them: talk to them everyday and listen. This is a little difficult for me but I always try. Because of this my kids come tell me everything! (Here’s to hoping it stays this way through the teenage years!)
  • Always say I love you EVEN when angry: never let a day or moment go by without telling your kids you love them. It’s that simple sometimes.
  • Let them know that their feelings matter: You’re the adult and what you say goes but they have a voice that deserves to be accounted for.

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