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To Yoga…..

Hi everybody! I Praying all of you are doing well during these crazy times. I’m sending love, prayers, and positive vibes to you all. Being stuck in the house after a while can be frustrating but I decided to focus on self care. Over the past few weeks I had put writing and candle making on pause just for a while to focus on creating new and healthy habits for myself.

The first positive habit I began is Spiritual, I began praying first thing in the morning. I find talking to God before I get my day started has somehow comforted my spirit more and more everyday. I meditate after prayer just to get into my oneness and know thyself and God more on an intimate level. Sometimes I meditate with my candles burning and my crystals surrounding me.

The next habit is for the mind. I write in my journal almost everyday just to explore my feelings, clear my mind, set my intentions and release any negative vibes I’m feeling. I do this in the morning after prayer and meditation or at night before bed, which ever is most convenient, it really depends on my kids. (lol)

Lastly is my body! I have started Yoga. It is not as easy as it looks. I’m doing beginners yoga on YouTube ( I forgot the name of channel) , It has been a beautiful journey but my body is so sore. I do this three times a week so my body is getting used to it. I also do yoga-like midsection exercises because my stomach is getting out of control. I love doing yoga because it ties into my spiritual growth and is such a peaceful way to exercise.

comment below and share with me what self care activities you do and give us some tips as well. Stay safe and healthy. Sending positive vibes your way.

xoxo, Brianna

myself and Juju doing the Tree

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