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The Benefits of Therapy

On my journey of self healing I have decided to seek a professional to help me with my mental health. It is so important to take care of your mental health especially in the black community where it is not encouraged as much as it is in other cultures.

I began therapy last month and in just a few weeks my therapist has helped me so much many ways that I didn’t realize I needed. Sharing my inner thoughts, feelings and struggles with my therapist and being fully transparent with each session is hard but needed to improve myself. Learning why I react to certain behaviors, why I function the way I do, has helped me tremendously.

My relationship with myself and my children are because I am using the tools given to me and thinking more about how my actions and thoughts affect my children on a daily basis. In order to have happy children they need to have a happy momma.

I have only been going to therapy for three weeks but so far I am so happy with what I am learning. I go to therapy with BetterHelp ( this is not a paid promotion.) BetterHelp offers therapist that fit your particular needs and desires and allows you to schedule your sessions by either chat, phone or video. You can also sign up for group sessions. You can also journal with the app and have them sent to your therapist for your next session.

I feel myself improve slowly the more I go to therapy and utilize the tools that she has offered. I want to ask all those dealing with any issues whether they are major or minor to look into therapy and get the help you need.

Are you thinking about therapy or have already started? Share your stories in the comments below!

xoxo, Brianna

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