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Hello everyone! I hope all is well. Apart of me writing this blog is for complete openness and the ability to vent without judgement. With that being said I have not had a good couple of days. I have a bad headache, I have been dealing with some toxicity and I just decided to be extremely alone right now. I only talking to a few people here and there but that is it. My anxiety pops up right when I think I am perfectly fine and my family happens to be my trigger. Isolating myself right now is the best thing for me. I have not worked out in about a week but what has helped me is my journal and music. writing down my feelings, thoughts, triggers and my own toxic behaviors make me feel better. I want to see a therapist but until I can afford one writing is my best bet.

I also love music. Music can take you out of funk and change your whole mood in no time. When I feel sad i play happy music to help uplift me. Music gets your body moving and your soul dancing. I recently ordered a Sammy Davis Album ( That I hope to show you in a Haul soon) that I plan on listening to as well. I have also started reading a lot of self help books. Another hobby I want to start is a God Box. A God Box is a box or jar of some sort where you write any worries, concerns or desires on a piece of paper. You place it in that box, its a way to allow the divine to help you. I literally just learned this today so after I post this blog I’m gonna go start mine.

I hope this helps others, and comment below if your going through anxiety as well.

xoxo, Brianna