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A Trip to the City Library

Hello readers! It has been a short while since I have written a post but I have been working on another business I have cooked up and also some new ideas for the blog! I have also been keeping up with what is going on in education today and to say the least I am truly disappointed in our education system here in the United States.

For those of you who do not know I have always been a reader. I love books and have been reading ever since I could remember. In middle school I was a Junior Librarian. As I got older I wandered away but as usual I always found my back to my stories. I also write poetry, fan fiction and romance. Books mean a lot to me.

Seeing our society ban books, stop funding city libraries and in Houston,Tx the superintendent has fired 28 librarians and turning those school libraries into in school “behavior facilities”. Our children’s education and imagination is being attacked which is why I do my best to always buy books for my children.

Books are the gateway to creativity, storytelling, expression and imagination. Even though I do buy books regularly for my kiddos I don’t take them to the library often so today I decided to do so. Huntsville-Madison County public library has a wonderful kids section with toys, books and computers for all ages. Journee loves to play the educational games on the computer or go play with other kids in the toy section. Jaelon loves going to the chapter book and juvenile section to pick up his favorite comics and funny stories. While the kids are enjoying their activities I sit down and write.

A trip to your city library is a free activity the whole family can get involved in. Another perk is being able to borrow books because as a book collector I know books are expensive! My library allows us to check out 50 books at a time so I get enough for the all of us.

The library also host lost of events for children to be apart of. Do you visit the library? What are some free activities you do with your kids in your community? how important is literacy for you and your family?

Leave a comment below and lets discuss!

xoxo, Brianna

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