Black Reads: Children’s Edition

In Honor of Black History Month I have chosen 7 books that myself and my kids enjoy to read. I believe that representation matters in all forms from positive affirmations, black boy joy, black girl magic and even black pain. These topics should be expressed in a safe space for our babies and I for one always remember to find books that they can understand and ask questions when they feel the need to.

Below is my list of black children’s books:

  1. Something Happened In Our Town by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazard: “Emma and Josh heard that something happened int their town. A Black man was shot by the police” Read this to help children understand racial injustice.
  2. ABC I Love Me by Miriam Muhammad: This book is filled with positive affirmations in alphabetical order to help black boys and girls celebrate themselves.
  3. Brown Boy Brown Boy What Can You Be? By Ameshia Gabriel Arthur: “Join Matthew as he considers the amazing things he can accomplish.”
  4. All Because You Matter By: Tami Charles: “A lyrical tribute filled with heart, hope, and affirmation from celebrated poet and author Tami Charles and acclaimed illustrator Bryan Collier.”
  5. Hair Love by Matthew Cherry and illustrated Vashti Harrison: A storybook filled with the celebration of a little black girls love of her hair.
  6. The Year We Learned To Fly by Jacqueline Woodson illustrated by Rafael Lopez: A story of two kids stuck inside on a gloomy day deciding to take their grandmother’s advice and fly.
  7. Annie Easley by M.M Eboch: An African American woman scientist who work for Nasa.

If you have other books for black children, please comment below!

xoxo, Bre.

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