Having a space to write your most intimate feelings when your not particularly up for sharing them with the world is very important to me. I have so many unspoken thoughts that I’ve never said to people whom I probably should, and I just haven’t found the flow to turn them into poetry. I’ve been feeling really sad and alone lately and I feel like I don’t have someone to express myself to so I started back writing in my journal.

I feel like crying sometimes and I haven’t been completely, satisfied with my life, yes I work very hard to keep a straight face and project positivity but it’s not easy. This shit is hard as hell. I have disappointments and regrets that I’m working on forgiving myself and letting it all go. Keeping this journal helps me to do that. This journal helps me to say the things I wish I could’ve said or still want to say without that person standing there.

Writing in general gives me a chance to relieve myself from the stress of my emotions and my everyday life. Especially now that I just feel so spiritually drained and alone. My journal allows me to put my thoughts and my feelings in a safe place, put it into the universe and than allows me to forget about it. Writing has helped me get past a lot of things. Writing is my coping mechanism, my stress reliever.

What’s a way that helps you cope with your internal issues? Feel free to comment below!!

xoxo, Brianna

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