Book Review: The Neighbor Favor

When June began I told myself that I would read at least two books a month for the rest of year. My last book review was book one. The Neighbor Favor is a romance novel written by Kristina Forest. To make it even better it is a black romance novel which made me feel even more excited to read it. I love to say that this story is about two loves in New York. They share an email correspondence but then Nick , the main male character, ghost her. Months later he appears in New York and…well…I don’t want to ruin it for you. The main character Lily Greene who by Kristina description is a very “shy, bookish and awkward” woman and Nick Brown is the author of her favorite book The Elves of Ceradon. This story begins with friendly emails and grows to be something sweet and beautiful.

The book started off with a prologue which was slow, in my opinion, but chapter one is where it began to get interesting for me. The email correspondence between them gave an innocent feel. The speed in which Kristina carried the growing love between Nick and Lily was patient and idealistic. Admittedly I didn’t think the conflict was big enough or better yet a little corny but I was proven wrong once the climax surfaced. Kristina used great descriptive language and I was able to visual play the scenes in my head. I am a reader who falls in love with the main characters and Nick could do no harm in my eyes. I was completely invested in his story and his life. This book was beautifully written and the ending left me smiling and happy. The Neighbor Favor is a book I will keep in my collection and definitely keep rereading.

xoxo, Brianna

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