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Black Reads-Children Edition

Hi my loves! Today is Monday the first day of the week and in this day we set intentions, make are To-do lists and plan out how productive we are going to be. Over the past few months we have dealt with not only a global pandemic but also racial disparity and continue oppression. Because of this we, the black community along with others who vigorously support us have made it a mission to uplift and promote every aspect of black culture. From black owned business of every industry to TV shows, movies and other aspects of art.

Today I want to show you guys 6 children’s books that focus on the storytelling’s of black children and black lives in a positive manner. Every holiday and birthday I do my best to buy one book written by black people for black children so that my kids will always see themselves in a positive form before the world can show them different. Here is my list below:

  1. Meet Addy- Addy is a girl from the AMERICAN GIRL Collection. I loved the entire series growing up but of course this one in particular was my favorite! Addy is a slave girl owned by master Stevens along with her family. They planned to escape but Master Stevens sells her father and brother Sam. Addy, her mother and baby sister take a dangerous but courageous leap of faith to escape to Philadelphia in hopes of seeing her father and brother again. This is a story about courage and love.
  2. The Green Lion of Zion Street- This story is about children using “vigorous, and rhythmic verse” to bring to life a stone lion on Zion street. Its a beautiful story filled with poetry, rhymes and imagination for every young child.
  3. Brown Boy, Brown Boy What Can You Be? – Written by Ameshia Gabriel Arthur, this book is a book of encouragement for little brown boys everywhere. It provides the ability for young black boys to see themselves accomplish anything they want whether it’s being a horticulturist or a Chef!
  4. ABC I Love Me! – Written by Miriam Muhammad, This book praises young black children in all the beautiful, royal greatness that they posses. uplifting everything from their skin to their desire to learn. Its a perfect book for young children as young as 3!
  5. Chocolate Me!- Such a wonderful book about how a young black boy goes from self doubt about oneself to self love, all with the help of his mother. This book is written by Taye Diggs.
  6. Hair Love- Created by Matthew A. Cherry this book surrounds Zuri and her dad he helps her fix her hair before mommy comes back home. She describes her hair in all its glory while showing little black girls the different styles they can rock too!

These are the 6 books i’m reading to my kids currently. What great books are you guys reading to your beautiful black babies? Any suggestions on what I should add to my collection? comment down below!

love always and remember to stay black,love hard and love freely.



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