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Bre’s Positive Morning Playlist

I’m gonna go a limb and say that you have a morning routine. Every one does! Whether you wake up and shower first, or you’re one of those who slam your alarm the first 5 times it goes off, before staring at the ceiling for five minutes. It could be you doing morning Yoga and grabbing your morning coffee. For me, I get up, scroll through Instagram, check messages on Facebook, & post. Then I reflect while having my hot or cold coffee. Once I get myself and my babies all dressed and out the door, I play an encouraging playlist given to me by a good friend to help us get spiritually and mentally ready for the day to begin.

Its a phenomenal list of songs that uplift and fulfill you. The music, by Londrelle, is speaking positive affirmations and mantras into you as you are beginning your day. You can Listen to the full playlist on Apple Music and share with us if you enjoyed it or not! While you’re at it share your morning routine with us in the comments or on Instagram!

xoxo, Brianna

Lifestyle Blogger and writer