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My Writing Playlist

Hello to my faithful readers, I hope all is well. Today’s topic is….you guessed it….My writing playlist. As a writer, there is no way I can sit in silence and write a book or novel. Honestly I am listening to my playlist as i’m writing this blog post right now, because writing can get a little boring.

When it comes to music I have to match my music with whatever i’m writing about. I’m a romantic writer, I write love poems and my first novel that I am currently working on is an erotic romance novel. With that being said I have a lot of love songs on my playlist, not all mushy love songs though. Some are of heartbreak and pain, others are more upbeat some are just so poetic they fit into the mood I am setting.

My playlist helps to set the mood or tone for the emotion I want to share in my stories and poetry. Below I will share a list of artist I listen to while I write.

  1. H.E.R
  2. Nao
  3. Ella Mai
  4. Lauryn Hill
  5. Jill Scott
  6. Floetry
  7. Erykah Badu
  8. Sade
  9. Nina Simone
  10. Janine
  11. Sir
  12. Kyle Dion
  13. Nikki Giovanni
  14. Leon Bridges
  15. Gallant
  16. Eric Bellinger
  17. Snoh Aalegra

Those are the artist that I listen to the most during my writing sessions. Comment below and tell me what artist you listen to while working on your passion. I hope you enjoyed this blog post today. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

Until next time.



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