Coffee & Words

It’s Saturday babies and I’m so glad its the weekend! It’s been an emotional past two weeks lately and I haven’t be able to release in a healthy manner which builds up as anger. Because of this emotional build up I try to take my weekends to release. Actually being able to sit and enjoy my coffee while writing, in silence is a luxury that I don’t always get to enjoy with two kids running around. Being coffee is my everyday wake me up, I would rather sit in my chair with my coffee on a costar and notebook and pen in hand.

Journaling is my therapy especially after trauma. I like to write love letters to myself to spiritually talk to myself and allow myself to just be gentle with my growth and also gentle with my healing. Being able to cry it out and just release is an act that I treasure the most. Another habit of mine is writing letters to people that I have issues with. Sometimes talking about things just are not effective and can be redundant after awhile. In the heat of the moment you find yourself having a hard time expressing how you feel calmly and instead its just back and forth. I write these letters getting out what I need to say and be done with it. I may never show the person or I just might but the issues are released, written and out of my system.

Words are so powerful and have the ability to change things for the good or the bad. That’s why you have to release negative thoughts and language, then accept and embrace the positive. Coffee and writing are the best self therapy for me. They are a important part of my growth and healing as a woman, mother and friend. How does writing help you? comment below share.